Po Box 1326
Estero, FL 33929

email: customerservice@angelfallspool.com

Pool Service Rules

1. Pool services weekly that the technician perform, include: 

Clean Tiles
Brush walls and floor
Skim surface
Backwash pool filter regularly
Vacuum Pool/Spa regularly
Checking pool water chemistry

2. Pricing: The customer agrees to pay ANGEL FALLS POOL AND SPA SERVICES the standard amount specified below for the frequency of service indicated above and any additional service performed by ANGEL FALLS POOL AND SPA SERVICES

3. Pool cover: If a pool cover is on your pool on the day of service only chemicals will be checked. Unfortunately, when the cover gets removed most of the debris falls in the pool and does not settle right away thus making vacuuming ineffective. Please have covers removed on the day of service.

4. Let Us Know: If you have a problem or questions about our service please call our friendly office staff (Monday - Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) at (239)313-8273 or customerservice@angelfallspool.com. We can be much more effective addressing a current situation within 24 to 48 hours, than a problem that happened weeks ago. Your satisfaction is our goal.

5. Payment Methods: The payment for pool services are in advance. We accept Cash, Check charge a $35.00 service fee on all NSF checks), Visa or MasterCard. 

6. Missed Service Calls: In the event your service falls on a holiday, service will be rescheduled. In the event of rain on your service day, the pool/spa will be cleaned to the extent weather permits and chemicals will be added. If service or partial services are rendered, service will not be rescheduled. (In the event that you believe that a service call was missed for reasons other than those stated previously, please contact ANGEL FALLS POOL AND SPA SERVICES).

7. Holiday, Vacation & Training: We observe three holidays per year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. If your normal visit falls on one of these days, the pool will not be cleaned, but on an alternate day, we will provide a chemical and equipment check. The charges will remain the same.

Monthly invoices are based on a 4-week month.  During each year however, there are 4 months that contain 5 weeks.  We do not bill you for these extra weeks and use these days at various times through the year for educational seminars and vacation. You will be notified in advance on your monthly invoice

8. Extra Cleaning: In the event the pool requires extra cleaning due to vandalism, poor drainage or other human factor, there will be of $90.00 per hour plus chemicals for this additional work.

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